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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Let's face the facts about me and you" 

Last week, I went back to Pennsylvania for some meetings. It was my first visit to the Keystone State in many months, and it was probably my most exciting visit.

My adventures started later than usual due to airlines cutting back on available flights. To my surprise, I was the only member of our group that took my flights, and by the time I arrived at the hotel, they had given up on me showing up at all. Apparently, so had the hotel. They didn't have a room for me. They were nice enough to find one for me at a nearby hotel (right next to the airport, which is kind of ironic), but one of my coworkers apparently didn't hear and insisted that we double up so that I could stay there. Since I snore, he stayed in another guy's room and let me have his room. It was a little bit weird, but as long as I don't have a roommate, I don't really care.

I typically sit through the meetings that I travel for by entertaining myself with puzzles, math problems, or other similarly enjoyable diversions. This time, I entertained myself by skipping out on the meetings and doing some circuit analysis in the electronics shops. Yeah, it was much, much better than not listening to people try to blame each other for their problems.

Most of my coworkers went to baseball games at the diamond right next to our hotel during the evenings, but I didn't. As a result, I apparently missed the most entertaining parts of the trip. Instead, I came down with a cold. As a result, when I went with some of the guys to a nearby restaurant (pub and grill) during happy hour, I bailed after only one hour and 4 root beers, leaving all of the other drinkers there with the second car and no designated drivers. I didn't have any beers at the bar, but later that night, I did a shot of Nyquil, which I think they would appreciate.

By the way, flying while sick is an unpleasant experience. At least I was too messed up to dose the cold medicine correctly because 2 tablespoons of the stuff would have probably made me miss my connection (if they could get me off the plane from Scranton), but 2 teaspoons just helped me have plentiful (rather than copious) nasal congestion. Good times.

Next week: The City of Brotherly Love

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