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Friday, March 14, 2008

"All the leaves are brown" 

Did you ever realize how many songs there are about California? "California Girls", "Californication", "California Dreamin'", "Hotel California". I think that I heard at least three of those while I was in California this week. Particularly, I was in the San Diego part of California, or at least within a 90 minute drive of North Tijuana. As always, I learned some interesting things. Well, not so much interesting as random and irrelevant.

All of the car rental agencies that serve the San Diego Airport are grouped together to the east of the airport (you can watch planes fly low over your head on their way in to land!). In spite of the presumably large number of out-of-town drivers in unfamiliar cars, there are no signs telling northbound traffic how to get onto a freeway. By the way, the area to the north of the rental agencies is right in between two military bases, which should give you some idea of what kind of a place it was.

Also, it turns out that the offramp I was going to take was right by where the closest on ramp was. That would have been nice to know before I drove (accidentally) over by Sea World. Also, did you know that they post directions to the freeway by Sea World? It's nice to see them somewhere, anyway.

I printed out lots of maps and driving directions, but I ended up on a leg where the driving directions were wrong on both ends of the trip. The only part it was right for was a lengthy leg of I-15.

Southern California is very hilly, to the point that you can't see very far because there's always another hill in front of you.

I've long hated everything from the Chrysler Corporation (except for possibly the Seabring). This time I had a PT Cruiser. I've never felt so cramped in such a roomy car. Also, I couldn't see most of the traffic lights, thanks to the slope of the roof.

If you try to talk to someone on the plane while you're sitting right next to the engine, there's a very good chance that people 5 rows in front of you will complain about the noise you're making. It's more fun though when one of the people complaining had carried on a loud, profanity-laden phone conversation in the terminal before we boarded.

Next week: "Back Home Again In Indiana"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

You too can become president! 

The one person this year who seems to be saying whatever it takes to make sure that no one else gets elected is Hillary Clinton. My favorite claim that she makes is that she has more experience than Barrack Obama. Let's check that out.

They both have been lawyers. Clinton has had a long history of investments (only a one of which has lead to criminal investigation). Obama has been elected to two different offices in tight races, where he has served for 12 years. Clinton has spent two decades as a married to a political executive (although if she had spent more time with him, it's possible that he'd be remembered differently) and had a senate seat handed to her.

I guess she does have more experience. Then again, his lack of insider connections is one of his selling points. That and how he feels human "emotions" and is driven by things other than an unquenchable desire for power.

I can hardly wait to see which one of them gets to try to beat up an old man. I'm betting on her because the outcome of the primaries is going to end up in the hands of the inner sanctum of party hardliners, and they all love her more. The real question now is, are they going to choose her directly using their superdelegate votes, or are they going to pretend to follow the will of the people by allowing the Florida and Michigan delegates to vote?

Oh the drama!

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