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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Is there anything else that can stop working today?" 

Happy Solstice!

So, I’ve changed jobs.

Sort of.

I showed up to work on a Monday morning and the first thing I saw was my supervisor asking me to visit him in his office. He explained to me that, while they wanted to keep me in the office, there was no way that it would be approved, even though we had an open vacancy that I could be placed in. There is a funding crunch, and they can’t hire anyone or even fill vacant positions. I would have to be gone by the end of the week.

However, another office in our group had a vacancy and I could fill that job. The funding was different, and they needed more heads for their empire. I would be moving a few buildings over and doing work at a lower level (working with parts rather than systems). The universal reaction from coworkers and other government employees was, “I’m so sorry.” For a week (three days, actually, since I was on vacation the last two days of the week), I was the butt of everyone’s jokes.

After a pleasant vacation, I showed up at my new job. It took a whole day to get my computer moved to the new building so that I could do anything. Then, just before I packed up and went home, my new supervisor came by and told me that I would be moving to yet another building. The next day I was in a class, but the day after, I packed up once again and moved to a vacant cube up against the wall in a new building.

Somehow, this has all worked to my benefit. I’ve gone from being something of a specialist in one office, to being the grunt in another, to being a sought after person in an office that is like a bigger version of my original office. I’ve got a raise, and I’ve been able to do everything that has crossed my desk so far.

I still have a nagging fear that any time someone will expose me as an incompetent fraud, but somehow it keeps not happening. We’ll see how that holds up. In the meantime, everything seems to keep working out for me.

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