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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Trip Report Lite 

Last week, I went to DC. It was my first time I have ever visited our nation’s capitol. After several failed attempts to summarize my trip, I have prepared this list of statistics. It is shorter and has more information than the official trip report I submitted to my boss.

Air Travel:
Number of flights: 3 (SLC to DCA to ATL to SLC)
Miles flown: 3987
Maximum speed: 638 mph
Number of armed plainclothes air marshals seen: 1 (possibly 2)
Number of baggage carousels labeled “2” at DCA: 2
Total time spent in the air: 10:15
Number of Travel Bugs placed: 2
Total mileage of the two travel bugs: 11790 mi
Weight of checked luggage during leg 1: 59 lbs
Weight of checked luggage during legs 2-3: 52 lbs
Length of cut from when luggage broke: 2”
Distance from front door when luggage broke: 5 ft.
Number of injuries treated with super glue: 2
Number of changes made to plane tickets: 2
Minutes between check-in and the flight closing for return trip: 5
Number of people to board the plane after me in DC: 2

Other Travel:
Number of trips on the Metro: 8
Number of trips to the Mall: 3
States/districts visited: 5 (29 total)
Total time spent away from home: 7 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes
Time to travel from downtown DC to Solomon’s Island, MD: 7:30 (two hours were not spent traveling, making the time 5:30)
Peak speed driving in Southern Maryland snow: 30 mph
Inches of snowfall: 1

Sight Seeing
Number of geocaches found: 15 (2 traditional and 13 virtual)
Number of war memorials visited: 3
Number of museums visited: 3 (Air and Space, Smithsonian Castle, and Natural History)
Number of historical documents seen: 3
Number of pictures taken: 87
Number of pictures taken after my wife went home: 2
DC temperature on January 13 (day before arrival): 69°
DC temperature on January 17: 30° (before wind chill)
Number of abortion protests: 1
Number of Martin Luther King Jr. related rallies: 0

Pages in PowerPoint presentations watched: 486
Total time for those presentations: 13 hours
Average time spent on each slide: 1 min 36 sec
Number of emails waiting for me on my return: 66 (excluding Hotmail)
Number of superfluous Lt. Colonels: 1

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